Rugby Super League 2017 Fixture

 Rugby Super League 2017 Fixture

Rugby Super League 2017 Fixture

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The native season will kick off on 9th February, in the 2nd week of 2nd month, when St Helens presenter Leeds, with Sky Sports once more starting their live weekly Broadcast on Thursdays, while newly-promoted Leigh's 1st match back in the top flight will be against Castleford the following day.

 Rugby Super League 2017 Fixture

Super League 2017 Season will be started at Wakefield Trinity R.L.F.C on Sunday 12th February.The Super League 2017 season, also known as the Betfred Super League Twenty two (XXII) because of the sponsor, it is a top level experienced Rugby League Club tournament in Europe, Rugby consist on total 23 rounds and 12 teams will compete over it 11 from England and one from France.


Rugby Super League 2017 Tournament Fixture


Round One

Thurs                     09/02/2017    St.Helens v Leeds
Fri                              10/02/2017       Widnes Vikings V Huddersfield Giants

Widnes Vikings V
Huddersfield Giants

Fri                         10/02/2017    Castleford v Leigh
Sat                         11/02/2017    Catalan v Warrington 


Rearranged Fixtures

Thurs    16/02/2017    Huddersfield v Salford ( Round 11 rearranged )
Fri         17/02/2017    Leigh v Leeds ( Round 11 rearranged )


Round Two

Thurs     23/02/2017    Hull v Catalan
Fri         24/02/2017    Wigan v Widnes


Round Three

Thurs    02/03/2017    Castleford v Leeds 
Fri         03/03/2017    St.Helens v Wakefield 
Sat        04/03/2017    Catalan v Widnes


Round Four

Thurs    09/03/2017    Warrington v Wigan 
Fri         10/03/2017    Hull v St.Helens


Round Five

Thurs    16/03/2017    Leigh v Warrington
Fri        17/03/2017    Leeds v Wakefield 
Sat        18/03/2017    Catalan v St.Helens


Round Six

Thurs     23/03/2017    Wakefield v Leigh
Fri          24/03/2017    St.Helens v Warrington


Round Seven

Thurs    30/03/2017    Salford v St.Helens 
Fri        31/03/2017    Leeds v Wigan
Sat        01/04/2017    Catalan v Wakefield


Round Eight

Thurs    06/04/2017    Wigan v Castleford
Fri         07/04/2017    Warrington v Leeds


Round Nine - Good Friday

Thurs    13/04/2017    Widnes v Warrington
Fri        14/04/2017    Castleford v Wakefield
Fri        14/04/2017    Wigan v St.Helens 


Round 10 - Easter Monday

Mon    17/04/2017    Wakefield v Wigan 
Mon    17/04/2017    Catalan v Wakefield


Round 11 and Challenge Cup Round Five

Fri      21/04/2017    Widnes v St.Helens 
Sat     22/04/2017    Warrington v Wakefield 


Round 12

Thurs    27/04/2017    Leeds v Huddersfield 
Fri         28/04/2017    Hull v Warrington


Round 13

Thurs    04/05/2017    Huddersfield v Castleford
Fri         05/05/2017    Warrington v St.Helens 
Sat        06/05/2017    Catalan v Leeds


Round 14: Magic Weekend

Sat    20/05/2017

 Widnes v Wakefield  
   Hull v St.Helens
   Wigan v Warrington

Sun     21/05/2017

Catalan v Huddersfield   
Leigh v Salford 
Castleford v Leeds


Round 15

Thurs    25/05/2017    St.Helens v Wigan 
Fri         26/05/2017    Leeds v Warrington


Round 16

Mon     29/05/2017    Leigh v Castleford 
Mon     29/05/2017    Catalan v Hull


Round 17

Fri      02/06/2017    TBA
Sat     03/06/2017    Hull v Wigan 


Round 18

Thurs    08/06/2017    Leigh v Wigan 
Fri         09/06/2017    TBA
Sat        10/06/2017    Catalan v Huddersfield


Challenge Cup Quarter-Finals

Thurs     15/06/2017    TBA 
Fri          16/06/2017    TBA 


Round 19

Thurs    22/06/2017    Widnes v Leigh 
Fri         23/06/2017    TBA 


Round 20

Thurs    29/06/2017    Leeds v St.Helens 
Fri         30/06/2017    TBA 
Sat        01/07/2017    Catalan v Leigh ( off tube )


Round 21

Thurs    06/07/2017    Wakefield v Castleford
Fri         07/07/2017    TBA 
Sat        08/07/2017    Catalan v Wigan


Round 22

Thurs    13/07/2017    Wigan v Warrington 
Fri         14/07/2017    TBA


Round 23

Thurs    20/07/2017    Warrington v Widnes 
Fri         21/07/2017    Wigan v Leeds 
Sat        22/07/2017    Catalan v Castleford


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